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Your family should know what your express wishes are should you become disabled or die. An effective estate plan will let you seamlessly pass your assets to your family or other recipients. The GRIEF Plan is a comprehensive system that will prepare you for your future. Let us help you today with estate planning, a living will, and even funeral planning. Our affordable plans allow everyone to be ready.

Protect your loved ones
with The Grief Plan
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About Us

The GRIEF Plan is a comprehensive, all-in-one package that includes estate planning, a living will, and financial preparedness options for anyone. We base our thorough assessment on your personal and tax information. We also provide tax services for the deceased including estate taxes and probate work which is the filing of paperwork with the courts to unfreeze an estate. Make sure your family is not saddled with endless paperwork when you are gone. Estate matters can continue for many years. Take matters into your own hands now and plan your funeral. We want to make sure that your estate will be taxed minimally and that your family is getting the majority of your money. We provide you with the data you need to make an informed decision about the future of your estate.


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